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Got an issue with spiders, cockroaches or fleas? Do you have a cat or dog who frequently comes inside your home? Does your work place reside inside an old building? More often than not, these can be the leading causes of the infiltration of pests, fleas, roaches and more into your home! It can be hard to know how to take back control. While many pest control products promise great solutions, they very rarely deliver the kind of results you want, especially for severe infestations. So what are you to do? Take back the control of your home or business from the hands of your unwanted friends with Footprints Pest Control 

Affordable, Practical and Powerful Pest Control Services

Our team of pest control experts offer a wide range of affordable, practical and powerful pest control services. 
 Patrick is a registered pest control operator and maintains industrial operating standards and the appropriate licences attending Pest control seminars held yearly through PEST NETWORK NZ.

We offer full pest control services for flies, fleas, white tail spiders, cockroaches, ants, borer, wasps, mice and rats. Plus, we also do interior and exterior pest control fumigation to help tackle the problem from the source. 

Telemarketers, you also fall into this category of being a pest. Please do not call us for 1st page on google, a better phone package, or print specials in every directory, we are simply not interested.  
Pest Control Services and Solutions From a Waikato Team
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